We create
dream-like designs.

From designing from scratch to 3D printing, we create dream-like designs for you. With all we offer, you won’t need any other service to build up your brand!

We’re keepin' up with latest innovations

We know that nothing is more important than moving forward. That because we always invest in technology to keep up with latest innovations. We are constantly expanding our  3D printing lab with new models.  Now with the help of industry-leader  ProJet 3D printers and our talented designers we offer end-to-end jewelry design services.

What we offer

3D Modeling

We draw our molds with industrial 3d Matrix software. Modeling here is the most important part, because we are making the mold.

3D Printing

Using 3d system Projet 2500W MultiJet 3D printers, we print out our models and make them ready for casting.

Wax Injection

With the Riacewax machines we use in wax injection, wax is pressed into the rubbers in the best way.

Rubber Mould

We press the silver molds into rubbers of our own special. Putting thousands of stones on a wax is a very important process.

Stone Setting

Putting thousands of stones on a wax is a very important process. All stones must be leveled and must be fitted, without biting prongs.

Craftsmanship at its best

The design comes to life in the skillful hands of artisans. This is something we never forget and we build our entire philosophy on this idea. Not only we invest in technology, we also invest in talented people and thanks to the harmony of this craftsmanship and technology, we stand out in the sector.

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