About Us

Founded in 2006 by Abdurrahman Topçuoğlu, Bosa Jewelry Design, by its expert design team, follows hundreds of new trends and creates hundreds of new product designs every year.

Bosa, which meets the design needs of the leading gold factories all araound the world, has taken its first step into the global market in 2009 by making mold production in order to perfect its services.

Bosa provides a wide range of products and represents our country successfully by participating in international fairs with its product range renewed every year.

Continuing its investments in order to increase the quality in the production of design molds day by day, Bosa thus meets the design and mold needs of famous jewelry and accessory brands and it has become a recognized brand in the international market.

Based on continuity in production quality and customer satisfaction, Bosa continues to work with the same discipline during the pandemic process.