Mold Design & Production

One of the important ways to deliver our designs to our customers in the international market is rubber molds. Rubber molds allow designs to be used repeatedly in multiple productions.

The mold making process begins with the creation of a metal or plastic model of the designs.These patterns can be very simple or as complex as multiple jewels that are tied together.

In Bosa, the production process of these molds is meticulously handled, and the resulting results reveal the designs to the finest details without any loss.


The design department attends fairs and design workshops as both exhibitors and visitors throughout the year and follows the rising trends. By following the developments in fashion, Bosa constantly updates its design vision and designs jewelery to be used in harmony with every period.

Periodic collections also have an important place in the product range of Bosa, where hundreds of new designs come to life in dozens of different categories every year.

With the designs in these collections, brands that produce jewelry in many different parts of the world color their showcases and continue to increase their sales.