What we offer

From designing from scratch to 3D printing, we create dream-like designs for you. With all we offer, you won’t need any other service to build up your brand!

3D Modeling

We draw our molds with industrial 3d Matrix software. Modeling here is the most important part, because we are making the mold. The form and gusto of the models are very important and for this, it is necessary to be very experienced. Whatever is drawn, we see it in the production process. We have an experienced and expert 3d modeling team. After checking all the details in the drawing,  the production process begins. Calculations of the model are made in the molding. 

At the polishing stage, drawings are made in such a way that the least wastage and the best and fastest production on the workbench. We know how important 0.001 millimeter is in drawing.

3D Printing

Using 3d system Projet 2500W MultiJet 3D printers, we print out our models and make them ready for casting.

With the technology we use here, the surfaces of the candle printouts we get from the 3d printer give the best quality result and produce completely candles

Our machines, which give the best results in casting, have a resolution of 1200 x 1200 x 1600 DPI and work with 16 μ layer sensitivity. Here, we also carry out direct production without using rubber molds. We produce lighter and visually better products. In models with stones, we also make stone sequences like normal waxes. With this technology, we offer our customers faster production and model diversity.

Rubber Moulding

We press the silver molds into rubbers of our own special formula and cut them carefully by hand. The most important thing we pay attention to here is that the mold is well cooked and cut very smoothly.

The fold traces that will occur in the cutting are directly reflected in the production. Afterwards, more polishing and sanding is required to remove these layers, but the product deteriorates. Time loss, waste loss and deterioration of the surface of the model are encountered.

Wax Injection

With the Riacewax machines we use in wax injection, wax is pressed into the rubbers in the best way. 

In wax injection, our masters take care that all nails come out in stone models, that the surfaces are fully formed and that there is no burr.

Stone Setting

Putting thousands of stones on a wax is a very important process. All stones must be level and must be fitted without biting prongs. The stones must be fully seated in the prong holes. It should not be oblique. If any of these processes is not taken care of, the resulting stones do not shine, the product looks dark or the stone may break during casting.

The best results come from controlling all the stages. And we are ready to cast.